Machine and Equipment Insurance (CPM)

Machine and equipment insurance (CPM) is meant for insuring the different kinds of property.

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CPM is your choice

Machine and equipment insurance (CPM) is meant for insuring the following kinds of property:

  • the equipment used in road construction (road rollers, land graders, etc.);
  • construction equipment and soil removal machines (excavators, Bobcat equipment, loaders, bulldozers, etc.);
  • lifting devices, column and mobile cranes, etc.;
  • crushers, saws, containers, belt-type transport equipment, etc.

If you have entered into a machine and equipment insurance contract, the expenses incurred both in the place of operation of the equipment and during transportation are compensated for.

The damage inflicted on the insured person as a result of the following events is compensated for:

  • fire (explosion, lightning strike, fire);
  • illegal activities of third parties (theft, burglary, vandalism);
  • natural disasters (storm, flooding, hail);
  • accidents that occurred in the place of operation;
  • rolling over and breaking of the machine.

In the process calculating the insurance premium, the risksthat the person wants to be insured against, the technical condition of a machine or a piece of equipment, its age, the qualifications of its users, the operating environment, etc. all play a critical part. Besides this, the amount of the insurance premium is affected by the place in which the devices and equipment are stored and the maintenance intervals.

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When taking out insurance look beyond the price and read the terms and conditions!