Terms and conditions for using the IIZI webpage

The information in its entirety published on the webpage of IIZI Kindlustusmaakler AS (IIZI) www.iizi.ee including all of the texts, the computer programmes and databases connected with the webpage, are protected with copyright by the procedure established in Estonia, and it is forbidden to use it on your own webpage for unspecified or commercial purposes as well as to amend it, to forward it in the amended version, to distribute, reproduce, adapt, and process it as well as to use, copy, or distribute the end product of the above-mentioned operations. The webpage of IIZI can only be used for making enquiries about insurance offers from IIZI, their acceptance, forwarding one´s own data,  entering into insurance and brokerage contracts, reviewing and saving one´s data included in the contract, and familiarising oneself with the general information published on the webpage of IIZI.

The violation of the terms and conditions of use as well as the violation of legal acts entails responsibility via the procedures established by the Copyright Act, the Code of Misdemeanour Procedure, or the Penal Code. It is assumed that if a customer is using the webpage of IIZI, they agree to the terms and conditions of its use, to the application of the terms and conditions of data processing as well as understanding and accepting them. If the user of the webpage of IIZI disagrees with the present terms and conditions of use, they should immediately send a relevant notification to the following address info@iizi.ee. All disagreements shall be resolved on the basis of the legislation that is valid in Estonia.

By using the webpage of IIZI for the purpose of obtaining information about insurance, a customer provides IIZI with the right, for an unspecified term, to send them insurance offers, to apply for additional information from insurance companies, and to process relevant information. Data processing shall take place in accordance with the procedure established by legal acts, the general terms and conditions of brokerage contracts that are valid at IIZI, and the present terms and conditions (available here: www.iizi.ee).

Using cookies

We would like to inform you that on the webpage of IIZI www.iizi.ee we use cookies. We use them to make the webpage more efficient as well as to offer to our customers a more advanced functionality for entering into insurance contracts via the webpage. Cookies also help us to monitor general traffic on the webpage. IIZI Kindlustusmaakler AS does not save the data obtained with the help of the cookies, and we do not monitor the activities of every single customer on the webpage. Every person can set their web browser to display a message about the enabled cookies function by default, and the cookies will be blocked. However, if cookies are disabled, IIZI Kindlustusmaakler AS cannot guarantee the appropriate functioning of the webpage.