Väikeettevõtte varakindlustus

Assets and Liability of Small Business

Innovative approach to small business insurance.

  • Mobility is priority

    Small businesses work from home, at the office and on site.

  • Limited budget

    Small businesses have limited resources and must carefully consider every expense.

  • Minor damage has big impacts

    Even minor damage can put a company out of business.

  • Smart solutions come to aid

    Complicated paperwork hinders entrepreneurship.

Insure the assets of your company more conveniently and with an insurance limit that meets your needs.

Ainulaadne kindlustuslimiit

Unique insurance limit

Select your own insurance limit to the extent of which the cover applies across all assets.


Useful liability insurance

Support in situations where business activity causes damage to third persons.


Laptop and tablet insurance

Electronic devices necessary for work are covered within the European Union.

Valikuvabadus kindlustamisel

Freedom of choice when insuring

Insurance traditionally relates to specific assets and for a specific amount, but with an insurance limit you will have coverage across all assets. In the event of damage, indemnification is paid to the extent of the insurance limit chosen by the company.

We create standardised special solutions based on changes in the economic environment.


Save on costs

Insurance expenses are low, while mitigating the company’s exposure to risks.


24/7 coverage

Work from home, in the office or on site. Your assets are insured regardless of location.


Damage will not interrupt business

Even minor damage can have a big impact. We provide a quick and efficient solution to any unexpected circumstance.

Abiks vastutuse kandmisel

Help with liability

If in the course of your business activities or owning or managing a building you cause damage to third parties and a claim for indemnity is filed against you, liability insurance will help.

Veetoru purunemine tekitas 3000 € ulatuses kahju

Rupture of a water pipe caused damage in the amount of EUR 3000

The piping above an organic product shop in a shopping centre suddenly ruptured, flooding the shop’s interior, inventory and goods with sewage. The insurance indemnified the costs of restoring of the interior finish and the costs of repurchasing inventory and goods.

Ettevõttest varastati 5000 € väärtuses kaupa

Goods worth EUR 5000 were stolen from the company

Goods worth EUR 5000 were stolen from the building of a company selling household appliances after a break-in occurred. The insurance indemnified the costs of repurchasing the goods and also the costs of purchasing new locks in the amount EUR 500.

Sülearvuti remont ja rent läksid maksma pea 1000 €

Laptop repair and rent cost almost EUR 1000

An entrepreneur, who was on a trip abroad and rushed to the subway, dropped their laptop. The computer was damaged and needed repair. To continue working both abroad and when returning home, the entrepreneur used a rental laptop. Repair and rental costs were reimbursed by insurance.

  • Enhanced insurance coverage

    As to the risks insured, coverage is wider than usual, meaning that basic coverage has more substance.

  • Indemnified costs

    After incurring damage, justified expenses on continuing economic activities are indemnified.

  • Simple purchase process

    You can buy insurance online. Providing the required information is easy and convenient.

  • Documents always on hand

    You can pay for invoices using the My IIZI environment.

Assets and liability of small business

Innovative approach to small business insurance.