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IIZI Small Business Insurance

Innovative approach to small business insurance.


Unique insurance limit

If specific property is traditionally insured for a specific amount, then now you can buy an insurance limit to the extent of which the cover applies across all assets.

Expenses on continuing economic activities

After an insured event justified expenses on continuing economic activities will be compensated.

Insurance contract immediately available

You can buy insurance online; providing required information is easy and convenient.

Ready to take responsibility

If in the course of your business activities or owning or managing a building you cause damage to third parties and a claim for compensation is filed against you, liability insurance will help.

Extensive insurance cover

As to the risks insured, the cover is wider than usual. Thorough basic coverage and extra coverage selected will give companies a sense of security in most common cases.

Laptop and tablet insurance

You can insure laptops and tablets necessary for work and other electronic work equipment within the European Union and in the event of damage quickly return to your usual rhythm.

Small Business Insurance

Innovative approach to small business insurance