24/7 Accident Assistance

Has there been a traffic accident? Call us, even during night!

Call 666 0300 Submit a notice of damages
Alati olemas

Accidents are always unexpected

If it happens, please contact us! We will advise you and be of assistance in getting closer to a solution.

Our services assist you upon damages with advice and practical aid.

Kahjuteate koostamine

Compiling a notice of damages

We will help compile a correct notice of damages and we will submit it to the respective insurance company.

24/7 abi sündmuskohal

24/7 assistance on site

If necessary, we will come on site, record the accident details and help reach a mutual agreement with the other party.

Juristi tugi

Legal aid

Legal aid in settling disputes and negotiating. Advising and assistance in the event of a claim for damages.

Otsuste vaidlustamine

Disputing decisions

In the event of reductions or refusals in decisions on damages, we will assist in reaching a suitable reimbursement agreement.

Calculate Traffic Insurance

The IIZI 24/7 Accident Assistance services can be bought with traffic insurance.