Traffic Insurance

Each vehicle is different. Choose the IIZI insurance!

In some cases, traffic insurance is not sufficient. We contribute 110% to combine different solutions into the most suitable insurance for your vehicle.

Traffic insurance

Compensates for the damages you have caused to other road users.

Damages to your vehicle

If you cause a traffic accident with another vehicle or a pedestrian, the damages to your vehicle are also insured.

Kokkupõrge loomaga

Collision with an animal

The damages caused due to a collision with an animal or a bird are also insured.

Insurance for the driver and passengers

In the event of a traffic accident, the health damages to the people in a five-seater are insured.

Iga neljas valib IIZI

Every fourth person chooses IIZI

Every fourth Estonian vehicle owner trusts us with the insurance. Let’s drive!

Don’t worry about the damages! Different situations demand different solutions.

IIZI 24/7 Accident Assistance

Advising and on-site assistance, support in drawing up documents and settling disputes.

Towing Assistance

Provides help in transporting a vehicle from the accident site to the nearest storage or repair facility.

Roadside Assistance

In addition to traffic accidents, assistance is provided also in the event of a technical malfunction, a flat tire, driving off the road and other similar situations.

Alati olemas

Always there

We give advice and instructions on how to act in the event of an accident or other damages. Call us, even during night!

Call 666 0300

Monthly instalments provide a convenient way to distribute expenses and this option is used by 30% of our annual traffic insurance customers.

Automaatne kaardimakse

Automatic card payment

Monthly instalments are deducted from a bank card automatically. Buy time!

Igakuiselt arvega

Monthly invoice

An invoice is sent to an e-mail address every month. Click and pay!

Calculate Traffic Insurance

Each vehicle is different. Choose the iizi insurance!