Accident Insurance

Accidents cannot be planned in advance. Choose the best coverage!

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Accident insurance is here to help if you are injured, become permanently disabled or lose your capacity for work as a result of an accident. Accidents can happen to anyone anywhere.


At home

Most accidents happen in the home and mainly involve people falling and hitting themselves.


At work

If you work in a dangerous working environment every day, your risk of accident is high.

Aktiivne puhkus

During time off

Active sports can result in various injuries.

Õnnetus kohta ei vali

Accidents do not discriminate

According to the National Institute for Health Development, more than 40% of accidents occur at home.

In the event of an accident, indemnity is paid in an amount that depends on the extent of the injury, the length of treatment and the sum insured.
  • Indemnification for temporary incapacity for work

    Paid for treatment days spent on sick leave after the accident to retain monthly income.

  • Guilt money

    A one-off indemnity in the event of a temporary injury.

  • Indemnification for treatment costs

    Indemnifies post-accident treatment cost not covered by the Estonian Medical Insurance Fund.

  • Indemnification for permanent disability

    Makes sure you can cope if an accident leaves you with permanent health damage.

  • Indemnification for critical illnesses

    A one-off indemnity upon being diagnosed with a severe illness.

  • Indemnification for death

    Helps loved ones cope financially and relieve some financial obligations.

Hoia pere pisemaid

Keep the children safe

Insure your children who suffer from accidents at home, school and sports practice. 44% of children’s injuries are from falls.

You can take out accident insurance for you and your children.


Ensure financial stability if you end up incapacitated for work either temporarily or permanently.

Your family

Insure yourself if you are the main income earner in the family.

Your children

Look out for your children who are bound to get into accidents when playing.

Kokkupõrge rattateel viis põlveopini

Collision on a cycle track ends with knee surgery

A cyclist on a cycle track collided with a rollerskater and took a fall, which resulted in a concussion and a knee injury. Insurance indemnified both the knee operation in a private clinic and the rehabilitation costs.

Unfortunate fall ruins child’s smile

A child had an unfortunate fall in physical education class at school, causing one of their front teeth to break and it had to be replaced with an implant. Luckily, the child had accident insurance and the cost of the implant was indemnified under medical expenses cover, plus the boy received a one-off indemnity.

Lõbus kelgusõit lõppes operatsiooni ja taastusraviga

Fun while sledging ends in surgery and rehabilitation

For one client, a sledging trip with the children ended in a multiple ankle fracture. The injury required surgery, after which the client was instructed to keep off his foot for 12 weeks and had to undergo a long rehabilitation period. Fortunately, the client had accident insurance, which paid indemnification for the daily allowance for the time spent on sick leave so they could retain their income. In addition, the insurance paid guilt money and indemnified the cost of medical products, rehabilitation and aids.

Accident Insurance

Accidents cannot be planned in advance. Choose the best coverage!

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