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Accident insurance

Accident insurance
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Accidents can happen to any of us at anytime, anywhere. Accident insurance comes in handy in situations where an unexpected event brings about a bodily injury, serious trauma, disability or death. Accident insurance does not prevent an accident but it does help to cope with the aftermath better and enables you to concentrate on getting better.

An accident is an unexpected and sudden event caused by external influences, irrespective of the insured person’s actions, which results in the insured person’s bodily injury, disability or death. Whether the insurance applies to sports depends on the risk level of the sport and the objective of sporting (recreational sport or competitive sport).

Accident insurance helps when:

  • You cannot return to work after an accident and you have to take a long sickness leave
  • You work in a dangerous environment where occupational accidents are frequent
  • You actively engage in sports. A fracture, serious sprain, tear or wound as a result of sporting activities
  • The insured person develops a permanent disability or dies as a result of an accident
  • Extra costs for aids, aftercare such as massage and so on arise as a result of an accident
  • Depending on the insurance company, the cover applies to:
    - a heatstroke, sunstroke, snake bite, gas poisoning and poisoning through a substance used by mistake
    - a danger of drowning or freezing

Accident insurance cover applies all around the world and may be full time (applies round the clock) or part time (only applies during working time at your workplace or while performing your duties). The insurance period is 1 year. No contracts are concluded for a shorter period!

Accident insurance allows you to choose the following types of insurance cover:

  • Benefit for temporary incapacity for work ensures daily allowance for each treatment day under a certificate for sick leave or monetary compensation, i.e. a lump-sum benefit in the case of temporary damage to health according to the severity of the injury calculated as a percentage of the amount of benefit.
  • Medical treatment expenses – subject to compensation are expenses on necessary additional medical care and tests in Estonian medical institutions that are not compensated by the Estonian Health Insurance Fund. This also includes expenses on indispensable aids (crutches, wheelchair), physiotherapy and massage prescribed by a doctor, reasonable dental care expenses and reasonable plastic surgery expenses.
  • Disability benefit is paid if permanent mental or physical damage to health, i.e. a disability, occurs as a result of an accident. Permanent disability is determined under medical documents and benefit is paid as a percentage of the agreed limit of indemnity for permanent disability.
  • Death benefit is paid to successors or beneficiaries if the insured person dies as a result of an accident.

Why take out accident insurance through IIZI?

  • With IIZI’s help you can quickly and easily compare offers from different insurance companies
  • IIZI provides you with an overview of the prices and draws your attention to important terms and conditions
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When taking out insurance look beyond the price and read the terms and conditions!