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Travel Insurance in today’s confusing situation is more important than ever. We have an overview of the insurance market on daily basis and we can offer you the best solution at the moment. We are always there for you – follow IIZI’s recommendations, when you buy travel insurance and contact to our specialists if you have any questions.

Travel insurance guarantees a trip that is free from any problems or concerns. In addition to medical aid insurance you should also choose luggage and travel disruption insurance to ensure the best insurance cover. The most important thing to remember about travel insurance is that its aim is to serve your and your family’s well-being. So be honest with yourself and look beyond the price.

We are happy to see a growing trend to insure even one or two day trips. People tend to make their travel arrangements well in advance but unfortunately they leave travel insurance to the last minute, which may involve different restrictions on the policy.

When taking out travel insurance you should consider the following:

  • The price is just one part of travel insurance
  • Be sure to pay attention to the terms and conditions of the offer
  • If necessary, choose additional types of cover
  • Buy travel insurance right after setting your travel dates

When taking out travel insurance you always have to think about the purpose of your travel and your plans. You can take out insurance for one trip or, if you know that you will be travelling frequently, we suggest you consider a multi-trip travel insurance. And if you plan to engage in sports on your trip, then depending on the sport the relevant additional cover must also be set out on the policy. The same applies to training camps and competitions as well as working in high risk positions (for example, a construction worker, driver) abroad.

The insurance must be valid throughout the entire period from the day you leave Estonia until your return home. An unexpected situation may occur before you even reach your destination.

The most important types of insurance cover offered for travel insurance are:

  • Medical aid insurance or health insurance - according to the terms and conditions it covers treatment and transport expenses in case of an unexpected illness or accident.
  • Travel disruption insurance - according to the terms and conditions it covers expenses arising from your trip being cancelled, delayed or disrupted.
  • Luggage insurance - according to the terms and conditions it covers expenses in case your luggage is stolen, lost, damaged or delayed.

Why take out travel insurance through IIZI?

  • With IIZI’s help you can quickly and easily compare offers from different insurance companies
  • IIZI provides you with an overview of the prices and draws your attention to important terms and conditions
  • IIZI mediates reliable contracts with companies operating on the Estonian market as well as foreign companies
  • IIZI brings to you a wide selection and flexible options for travel insurance
  • IIZI helps to always find you the most appropriate insurance solution

When taking out insurance look beyond the price and read the terms and conditions!