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Take out travel insurance for your own wellbeing and the wellbeing of your family.


Health cares

Medical aid insurance covers medical care and transport expenses in the event of an unexpected illness or accident.



Luggage insurance covers expenses in the event that your luggage is stolen, robbed, lost, damaged or delayed.


Travel disruption

Travel disruption insurance covers expenses arising from your trip being cancelled, delayed or disrupted.

Reisile Sinuga

Travelling with you

The most important thing about insurance is the contents of the coverage. ‘IIZI recommends’ will help you make a quick and smart choice!

Depending on the purpose of your trip, be sure to opt for appropriate additional coverage for your insurance.

Aktiivne puhkus

Dangerous activity or sport

Choose sports insurance if you are about to undertake a risky leisure activity or sports.


Work trip

Choose coverage for works involving physical effort if your work abroad is high-risk or hazardous to health.



Choose added travel disruption insurance if you are going on a trip for a concert, fair or sports competition.


Natural disaster

Added travel disruption insurance covers travel disruption caused by earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, etc.



Added travel disruption insurance indemnities for travel disruption caused by airline strikes.

Broneeri aeg

Change in departure time

Added travel disruption insurance covers expenses resulting from changes in the departure time of planes or ships.

IIZI Tervisega saad alati arstiabi

Medical assistance in Estonian while abroad

Telephone and video consultations with a doctor 7 days a week. 24/7 access to online symptom examination, fast prescriptions and issue of certificates for sick leave. Overview of medical history is for the Patient Portal.

COVID kaitse annab meelerahu

24/7 travel assistance helps you take action

We will provide instructions on how to proceed if your luggage is lost or damaged, if you miss a connecting flight or experience any other travel disruption. We will quickly refer you to a medical partner to provide assistance in the event of illness or accident.

Insurance must be valid for the duration of the trip because unexpected circumstances may occur even before the trip starts.
  • Get insurance as soon as possible

    Take out travel insurance as soon as you have settled on the travel dates. Immediate coverage and better premiums rates.

  • Choose added coverage, if necessary

    Choose additional coverage depending on the purpose of the trip and the activities planned.

  • "IIZI recommends" will help you make up your mind

    "IIZI recommends" comprises the widest range of insurance coverages and additional services offered by IIZI, as put together by specialists.

  • Documents on the go with IIZI app

    Always have access to all your insurance policies from one place. No more excessive paperwork!

Hiline reisikindlustus haiguse tõttu ära jäänud reisi ei hüvitanud

Late travel insurance did not indemnify for a trip missed due to illness

Mati bought an autumn trip in the spring but took out insurance just three days before the start of the trip. Trip cancellation cover due to illness commenced 72 hours after the purchase of the policy as prescribed by the terms and conditions of the insurance undertaking. Unfortunately, Mati was unable to travel due to illness. The insurance, however, did not indemnify him for the cancelled travel package because trip cancellation coverage had not yet taken effect.

Kaks päeva haiglas läks maksma 150 000 €

Two days in the hospital ended up costing €150,000

While in Dubai, Piret developed acute food poisoning and was taken to the nearest hospital by ambulance. She then had to spend a few days in intensive care. As she was released from the hospital, she was horrified to learn that her medical charges were ca €150,000. Luckily, Piret had travel insurance with medical aid coverage sufficient to pay the unexpectedly large invoice.

Terviserike välismaal võib kaasa tuua kopsaka raviarve

A health scare abroad can lead to large medical charges

In January 2022, Estonians were shocked by the serious health scare suffered by a well-known Estonian musician in Mexico and the resulting medical expenses, which set a record for the Estonian insurance market. This is why we recommend that anyone travelling outside Europe should choose medical aid coverage for a higher sum insured than usual.

Travel Insurance

Guarantees carefree travel and holiday plans Choose the best coverage!

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