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No matter how much we try to prevent various situations, accidents do happen. For example, a fire (reckless smoking by a passer-by, lightning, electrical failure, etc.), storm damage (a tree falls on the roof, through a window, etc.), water damage (a pipe bursts, etc.), acts of vandalism (proprietary damage, etc.).

Home insurance helps to protect your home and household property. When taking out home insurance we suggest you consider an all-risk insurance, which offers the widest insurance cover to ensure the best protection against any loss event.

You can take out home insurance for your:

  • house
  • apartment
  • terraced house
  • summerhouse
  • utility buildings (garage, sauna, shed)
  • building under construction

In addition, you can choose:

  • Household property insurance – for movable property such as smart devices, furniture, technical equipment, art, jewellery, sporting equipment and so on. It is possible to only insure household property; you are not required to insure it together with your apartment/house.
  • Civil liability insurance – the purpose of a private person’s liability insurance is to compensate for damage caused to a third party or victim. Damage may mean a personal injury or proprietary damage which the insured person, meaning you, is required to compensate to the neighbour(s).
  • Rental costs of a temporary dwelling – if there is a home insurance loss event which means the place insured becomes unfit for habitation, the policyholder will be compensated for their moving expenses and rental costs of a dwelling.

What kind of home insurance should I choose?

  • All-risk – covers any damage caused by a sudden and unforeseeable event; insurance covers everything not excluded by the insurance company’s terms and conditions.
  • Main package – covers any damage caused by a fire, the elements, a storm (including strong wind, hail), leakage from pipelines, an electrical failure, act of vandalism and theft.
  • Mini package – covers any damage caused as a result of a fire or the elements (a storm).

Why take out home insurance through IIZI?

  • With IIZI’s help you can quickly and easily compare offers from different insurance companies
  • IIZI provides you with an overview of the prices and draws your attention to important terms and conditions
  • IIZI helps to always find you the most appropriate insurance solution

When taking out insurance look beyond the price and read the terms and conditions!