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Keeps your home and its contents safe. Choose the best coverage!

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But the unexpected can still happen. You will be ready with home insurance!


Indemnification for damage resulting from fire, smoke and extinguishing water.

Damage to household property

Coverage for damage to property in your home.

Leakage from pipelines

Coverage for damage resulting from leaking or broken pipes.

Theft or vandalism

Coverage for damage caused by burglary and vandals.


Coverage for damage caused by a storm and resulting flood.

Damage related to renting

Indemnification for the cost of renting temporary accommodation or for loss of rental income.

Mis on kodune vara?

What is household property?

Household property includes movable property in the home, such as smart devices, furniture, household appliances, art, dishes, clothes, shoes, sports equipment, etc.

Home insurance indemnifies for damage to your home or property in your home.
  • Saves on expenses

    In the event of an accident, insurance will protect you from unexpected expenses.

  • A chance to compare

    We provide you with an overview of the terms and conditions offered by different insurance undertakings and recommend the best one.

  • Freedom of choice

    Choose an insurance plan based on your needs; all-risk, main plan or mini plan.

  • Protection for all assets

    The all-risk plan ensures the best protection for all your property.

  • Convenient purchase process

    You can buy the most appropriate insurance quickly and easily online.

  • 24/7 home assistance service

    Assistance and counsel in the event of unexpected damage to your home or property therein.

Julge võtta vabalt

Dare to take it easy

Liability insurance grants coverage for the homeowner and members of the family living with the homeowner against damage caused to third persons.

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A three-year contract gives you peace of mind and better premium rates for longer. Pay all at once or spread your expenses out; the annual premium will not change.

Aasta korraga

One year at a time

Once every six months


Once a quarter

Kord kuus

Once a month

Veeavarii tekitas kahjusid 3500 € eest

Water accident caused €3500 worth of damage

A water accident in an apartment building caused by a blockage in the washing machine resulted in a new kitchen floor. The bathroom ceiling of the downstairs neighbour also had to be repaired due to a water leak. Thanks to all-risk insurance with additional liability insurance coverage, they were able to get a new floor and pay indemnity for the neighbour.

Äikesetorm tõi kahjusid 1600 € ulatuses

Thunder storm caused €1600 worth of damage

Set-top box, router and television were all knocked out by a power outage caused by a summertime Thunderstorm. The loss amount of €1600 was indemnified under the all-risk insurance coverage.

Tulekahju korteris tekitas tuhandetes eurodes kahjusid

Apartment fire causes thousands of euros of damage

Table and curtains set on fire in the living room of a three-room apartment due to a broken candleholder. The fire was quickly put out, but soot and carbon monoxide damaged the entire interior of the apartment, the furnishings and the clothes and shoes of a family of four. Insurance covered the restoration of the entire interior finishing of the apartment as well as household property (furniture, clothes, shoes) and the cost of the temporary rental space during repairs.

Home Insurance

Keeps your home and its contents safe. Choose the best coverage!

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