IIZI Health
Classic health insurance combined with modern telemedicine provides quick solutions to your health concerns.

Services offered

Required vaccinations
Your desired vaccination costs will be covered. For example, influenza or tick-borne encephalitis vaccines, as well as travel-related vaccinations.
Prescription and certificate for sick leave operations
Quick issuance and renewal of prescriptions and certificates for sick leave. For example, contraceptives, diabetes, high blood pressure etc.
Telemedicine solutions
No queue quick specialist advice and help on the same day. Medical care 7 days a week. For example, you can seek advice from a general medical care provider, psychiatrist, gynaecologist, etc.
Health checks and analyses
Preventive medical examinations and referrals to necessary examinations. Analyses and procedures prescribed by a physician. For example, allergy and food intolerance, blood tests, etc.
Mental health services
Communication with a mental health counsellor, diagnosis and treatment of psychiatric diseases. For example, mood, eating disorders, family problems, etc.
Dental care and hygiene
Dental diagnostics, treatment and prevention. For example, fillings, root canals, surgery, soda or pearl whitening.

Emergency medical care without leaving home

Good to know

What is telemedicine?
It is a remote medical service that saves you time and allows you to communicate with a doctor exactly where you are and at the time that suits you best. You will be able to find a solution to your problem even on a Sunday.
Where can I find my health information?
You will receive a personalized consultation from a professional doctor, who will, with your consent, enter the health information into the patient portal digilugu.ee. In this way, it will be possible, for example, for your family physician to monitor the decisions or diagnosis made by the telemedicine doctor.
What happens if you have no state health insurance?
If you do not have health insurance, IIZI Tervis offers you the Whole Package, which includes a broad selection of medical services. In addition to general and specialised medical care and dental care, it also includes, for example, critical illnesses coverage or post-accident
Are they real doctors?
Yes, indeed! The services are also provided by family physicians, psychologists or other specialists practicing in conventional medicine, who greet you by video and find an answer to your concerns.
How much do I have to pay myself?
If you use services with a indemnity rate of 100%, you will only be responsible for the part of the medical bill that exceeds the limit of indemnity. However, for the services the indemnity rate is 80% you will bear 20% of the treatment bill. However, the maximum amount paid by the insurance never exceeds the limit of indemnity.
How to use the service?
The most of 80% of initial referrals can be resolved through telemedicine services. This means that it is worth starting from there, after which you may consult with a doctor who is a cooperation partner. Read more here..

IIZI Health for small companies

The most economic way to motivate employees and contribute to their health.

IIZI Health is well suited for small businesses with up to ten employees.

Why is IIZI health so good?
  • The employee receives medical care on the same day (consultation, analysis, referrals, etc.).
  • The employee can see a specialist faster than usual.
  • The employer can use a tax credit of 400€ per year when paying for the contract.
3 easy steps to IIZI Health
  1. The employee reviews the available IIZI Health packages.
  2. The employee selects a suitable package and forwards their wish to the employer. The employer sends us the employee's details and selected package through the IIZI Health Questionnaire.
  3. Based on the choice made, we make the contract and forward the documents to the employee via e-mail. The invoice is issued to the employer.