IIZI Health

A fast solution to your health concern.

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Classical health insurance combined with telemedicine provides a solution to long waiting times and costly private clinics.


General and specialised medical care

Quicker than usual access to a specialist doctor.



No-queue, fast specialist advice and help seven days a week.


Prescriptions and certificates for sick leave

Immediate issuance and renewal of prescriptions and certificates for sick leave.

Vaimse tervise teenused

Mental health services

Consultation with a mental health counsellor, diagnosis and treatment of psychiatric diseases.


Dental care and hygiene

Compensation for dental diagnostics, treatment and prevention of dental conditions.



Coverage for vaccination costs (flu, tick-borne encephalitis), including travel-related vaccinations.

IIZI Tervisega saad alati arstiabi

You will always receive medical care with IIZI Health

Complement your state health insurance! IIZI health covers costs that the Estonian Medical Insurance Fund does not.

With telemedicine, you can consult a doctor over the phone or via video call.


Real doctors

Services provided by practising professional general practitioners and specialist doctors.


At a time that suits you

Speak to a specialist now! Services available from 09:00-22:00.

Arsti konsultatsioon

Solutions that suit you

Consultations, analyses, referrals, prescriptions, certificates for sick leave and vaccinations.

IIZI Tervis sobib hästi ka väikeettevõttele

IIZI Health is well suited to small businesses

With tax efficient health insurance, the employer can use a tax credit of €400 per year when paying for the contract.

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Sign up for IIZI Health conveniently through the online self-service environment.
  • Prevent health concerns

    Regular health checks keep major health problems at bay.

  • Save on expenses

    In the event of a health concern, health insurance protects you against unexpectedly high financial costs

  • Enjoy freedom of choice

    Choose a plan that suits you best: Simple, Smart, Strong or Comprehensive plan.

  • Enjoy peace of mind

    Medical care is always available to you regardless of location, including at weekends and on public holidays.

Kohene arstiabi päästis nädalavahetuse plaanid

Immediate medical care saves the weekend

The client was feeling poorly on Friday evening and immediately sought a consultation through telemedicine. A doctor responded to the message in a matter of minutes and then held a video call with the client. The client also sent a couple of photos to the doctor to help the doctor understand the patient’s concern, after which the doctor prescribed the necessary treatment with prescription medicine. The client had no way to see their GP on a Friday evening.

IIZI Health

A fast solution to your health concern.

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