Casco Insurance

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Casco insurance provides assistance and covers for damages in unexpected situations.

Traffic accident

Any damages caused to a vehicle in the event of a traffic accident is reimbursed.

Shattered glass

Various glass damages caused to the vehicle are reimbursed.

Kokkupõrge loomaga

Collision with wild animals

If you collide with a wild animal, the damages to your vehicle are insured.

Theft or vandalism

Damages to the vehicle and its additional equipment are reimbursed.

Natural disaster

Damages to a vehicle due to storms or fallen trees are insured.

Lost car keys

Expenses on replacing keys or remote control are reimbursed.

Parkimisel juhtub

Stuff happens when parking

Half of traffic accidents are related to parking and the ordinary traffic insurance does not cover this. Casco comes to assistance!

Don’t worry about the damages! Different situations demand different solutions.

24h Roadside Assistance

In addition to traffic accidents, assistance is provided also in the event of a technical malfunction, a flat tire, driving off the road and other similar situations.

Replacement Car

If your car cannot be used due to an insured event, you are guaranteed a replacement car for use during the time of the repairs.

Alati olemas

Always there

We give advice and instructions on how to act in the event of an accident or other damages. Call us, even during night!

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The largest selection in the market. Choose the Casco that works!