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Equestrian sports insurance

If you or your child are planning to take part in an equestrian sports competition or training, then be sure to take up accident insurance in good time. In many competitions you will not be allowed to compete without insurance. While doing sports (including competitions and trainings) there is a chance greater than the average that an unexpected and sudden accident caused by external influences will occur, resulting in a bodily injury or even death.

Accidents are, for example:

  • a fracture, a serious strain, a tear or a wound brought about by doing sports;
  • a permanent disability caused by an accident.

For participating in equestrian competitions you have to have accident insurance with additional equestrian sports cover. The policy shall definitely set out engagement in equestrian sports and participation in competitions. You should definitely mention it when asking for an offer. It is possible for the insurance to cover 24 hours a day. The insurance cover applies while working, during leisure time and in daily training sessions and competitions.

Accident insurance cover applies around the world!

Accidents both in Estonia and abroad as well as during training and competitions are covered. When travelling abroad we recommend you to also get travel insurance which covers riding during practice and in competitions.

Usual everyday living arrangements may change drastically due to an unexpected accident. Accident insurance ensures economic security for the person insured and their loved ones after an accident. In the case of an accident the insurance helps cover medical expenses and the cost of necessary aids!

IIZI helps you to quickly and easily compare offers from different insurance companies and find the best insurance for you. Ask for an offer!

If you have your own training or race horse, we can also assist you in insuring your horse. Ask for an offer or find out more about insuring horses here.