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Additional kinds of travel insurance

You can expand your travel insurance with the following additional types of insurance cover.

Sports insurance

if, while being on a trip, you participate in any sports then, in accordance with your ability and skill level as well as the level of risk, the relevant additional amount is added to your insurance policy. According to the terms and conditions of insurance, different kinds of sport have different risk levels, and, if the risk level is high, you should enter into a separate agreement with the insurer. The amount of insurance premium will also be larger.

Additional protection in case of winter sports

you will be compensated if winter sports equipment is damaged, lost, destroyed or stolen during the trip. In addition to that, the rental costs of skiing equipment are also compensated for if the equipment is lost or damaged during the trip, or if it arrives late. In certain cases, the incurred expenses are also compensated for if all of the ski lifts at the point of destination, if it was booked beforehand, are closed for longer than 24 hours because of snow scarcity. Besides this, compensation is paid for reasonable additional transportation and accommodation expenses if the arrival to the point of destination is delayed because of an avalanche, for longer than 12 hours.

Protection in case of extreme sport

damage inflicted while doing extreme kinds of sport during the trip is compensated for. For example,  heli-skiing, parachute jumping, etc. Exclusions: motor sport and mountain climbing.

Additional protection for golf players

the rental cost of golf equipment as well as damage inflicted while playing golf is compensated for if the golf equipment belonging to the insured person is lost, stolen or damaged during the trip. Besides this, the cost of game tickets and scheduled golf courses which have not been used/attended as well as the cost of the equipment, which has been paid for but has not been returned, is also compensated for to a certain extent. The reason might be disease or injury, theft or loss of documents, as a result of which the insured person cannot take part in the activities connected with golf, which they have paid for.

Additional protection in case of commercial activities

compensation is paid for the cost of work tools that were lost, stolen, or damaged during the trip, or which arrived late at the point of destination of the trip as well as the sums of money connected with commercial activities and belonging to an employer or to the insured person that were lost or stolen during the trip if the work tools and/or the money were kept in a safe place in accordance with the terms and conditions of insurance. Besides this, the expenses incurred as a result of the replacement of an employee if they have fallen ill during the trip, as a result of which they cannot participate in the meetings that have been scheduled for the duration of the trip, are also compensated for. The cost of the trip of a co-worker from Estonia to the point of destination so that they can participate in the meeting instead of the sick employee is compensated for.

Travel disruption insurance

the expenses incurred if the trip is cancelled or delayed because of natural disaster for longer than 24 hours, or if the international flight, boat, bus or train trip leaving from Estonia is delayed because of industrial action, disruption of operation, or bankruptcy at/of a travel agency or transportation company for longer than 24 hours. If the trip is cancelled, the additional transportation and accommodation expenses as well as the cost of excursions, familiarisation trips, activities connected with hobbies, and visa are compensated for. If the trip is delayed, the reasonable and unforeseen additional expenses connected with accommodation, catering, purchasing articles of prime necessity, etc. are compensated for.

Insurance cover for a pregnant traveller

expenses that are connected with pregnancy or giving birth are compensated for. As a rule, the insurance cover is valid if the term of pregnancy is up to 36 weeks.  Medical insurance has an unlimited compensation limit, and the insured person receives compensation for medical expenses incurred as a result of premature labour and hospitalisation as well as the cost of transportation back home.

Working abroad

when going abroad to work, certain occupations require that additional insurance cover is purchased to enable the validity of the main insurance cover.  Additional insurance cover is required if your job involves physical effort, e.g., you work in construction, metal processing industry, forestry, if you are a postman, a courier, etc.

Studying abroad

if you are going abroad to study, we suggest that you purchase an insurance policy. The insurance companies offer discounts to students.