5 things to remember about insuring your vehicle

April 1, 20202 min reading

Your vehicle is your asset you should protect; if it gets damaged or is destroyed, you will feel it in your everyday life and in your wallet. Here are five things you should know about your vehicle and about insuring it.

1. Traffic insurance is a requirement for you

Every vehicle on the roads of Estonia is required to have traffic insurance because it is a compulsory insurance which ensures that a possible injured party is compensated for any damage caused by you. Damage does not only include vehicles because also people or, for example, a roadside traffic sign may get injured or damaged in an accident.

2. Driving without traffic insurance may prove costly

Driving without traffic insurance may result in a fine but if there is any damage you may find yourself faced with high costs that you have to pay for out of your own pocket. According to the Estonian Motor Insurance Bureau, average damage in 2019 amounted to €1889 but in the right circumstances a traffic accident caused through your fault involving a luxury vehicle may mean higher costs.

3. Comprehensive insurance covers the costs regardless of the reason of an accident

You should take into account that your vehicle will also get damaged in an accident and the bill for repairs may be considerable, which is why it would be sensible for you to buy comprehensive insurance. Comprehensive insurance insures, for example, the vehicle safety equipment and allows you to use the convenient accident assistance service when your car will not start or a tyre punctures.

4. Comprehensive insurance also helps when the guilty party cannot be identified

If the guilty party who has caused damage cannot be identified, for example in shopping centre parking lots, the damage will be compensated under your comprehensive insurance contract. In that case you are only required to cover the deductible.

5. Hitting an animal is only compensated by comprehensive insurance

Frequently there is not enough time to react when an animal runs onto the road and an accident involving an animal does not always depend on one’s driving skills. Hitting an animal may result in serious damage to the vehicle up to the point where the vehicle has to be written off. A collision with an animal is only compensated by comprehensive insurance.