Estonian insurance sector leaders joining IIZI Kindlustusmaakler

January 1, 20152 min reading

Starting in April, Kaido Konsap will assume the position of Director of the Direct Sales and Business Customer Department at Estonia’s biggest insurance intermediary, IIZI Kindlustusmaakler AS, and Kaido Kepp will assume responsibility for partner relationship management.

“The addition of Kaido Konsap and Kaido Kepp to our team represents the next step in the changing of the generations on the IIZI Kindlustusmaakler team. Over the past few years, IIZI has contributed significantly to developing services provided to clients, primarily via automated and self-service channels. At the same time, we have not forgotten the direct servicing of clients, business culture and our partners. Kaido Konsap will be responsible at IIZI for developing direct sales and services directed towards business customers, and Kaido Kepp will be responsible for partners, above all, promoting cooperation between banks and leasing companies” said Igor Fedetov, Chairman of the Management Board of IIZI Kindlustusmaakler.

Kaido Konsap has been active in the insurance field since 1998. From 2008 until March of this year, he served as the Director of the Estonian branch of the leading global provider of insurance brokerage and risk management, Aon plc.

Kaido Kepp has been active in the insurance field since 1996. During the period 2007-2014 he headed the Estonian branch of RSA Insurance Group, one of the world’s biggest insurance undertakings.

“The development of IIZI over the past few years has been impressive. IIZI is a very strong trade mark and experts in their respective fields are working in the company,” said Kepp.

“I believe that the company is the most dynamic and holds the greatest potential of any in the insurance sector in Estonia,” added Konsap. “I am happy that I received the invitation to begin applying the experiences I acquired in the international insurance consultation business for the benefit of domestic capital,” he added.

IZI Kindlustusmaakler AS is the biggest insurance mediation company in Estonia, while also being one of the first companies that started offering insurance services on the internet. Today, high quality brokerage services are offered to both large and small customers through personal solutions and the biggest internet-based self service environment. IIZI Kindlustusmaakler AS has been operating on the market since the year 2000, and at present it holds a market share of 31%, making it the largest broker in Estonia. Internationally the company is represented in Latvia and Finland. IIZI Group AS employs over 150 people.