How to protect your vehicle if it is not eligible for casco insurance?

November 2, 20233 min reading

Traffic insurance only covers damage caused by your vehicle. With IIZI, however, you have the option to get traffic insurance with useful extra covers.

Traffic insurance is mandatory for all vehicles, but it considers liability insurance, meaning that it only covers damage caused by your vehicle. With IIZI, you have the option to get traffic insurance with useful extra cover.

Broader coverage is perfect for vehicle owners who are not required to get casco insurance, but would still like some extra protection. The same is true for car enthusiasts who drive an older project car, as well as for those whose go-to vehicle is a passenger car over 20 years old that is no longer eligible for casco.

Extra cover also protects you if you are to blame for an accident

IIZI offers effective and essential extra cover, together with traffic insurance, for owners of older vehicles. This means that you will get additional protection that is usually not included in standard traffic insurance. In broad terms, this means that not only will you have traffic insurance, you also need not worry about collision damages if you happen to be the cause of the accident.

While standard traffic insurance only helps in the event of an accident, IIZI 24/7 accident assistance extra cover also comes to your aid if your car is unexpectedly left on the side of the road. Extra cover is available in packages, but customers can also build a tailor-made solution specific to their needs – that is, to include only the coverage options they actually need.

Protect your vehicle from collisions with animals

Unfortunately, traffic insurance alone is not enough if you happen to hit an animal. The ‘Collision with an animal’ extra cover is designed for older vehicles ineligible for casco insurance. With this cover, insurance (and not the car owner) will compensate of any damages resulting from a collision with an animal. While deer and elk are most frequently involved in collisions, IIZI’s extra protection does not discriminate on the size or species of the animal. All animals are covered.

Interest in extended insurance cover is growing

“Customers are increasingly interested in broader insurance coverage and 42% of annual policy buyers today opt for traffic insurance that includes some extra cover,” says Triin Kääramees, IIZI’s Head of Product Development for Vehicle and Machinery Insurance.

24/7 roadside assistance

IIZI 24/7 accident assistance is the most popular extra cover, offering quick assistance and fair claims handling without excess bureaucracy. The fact that the sales of IIZI 24/7 accident assistance are up 12 percent compared to 2022 is testament to its popularity.

24/7 roadside assistance can be requested for all manner of problems, be it an accident, a technical breakdown, a flat tyre, a run off the road, or something else. IIZI 24/7 accident assistance helps organise the transport of your vehicle to the nearest storage or repair facility. You can call for help even if there is no accident per se, but the car simply refuses to start due to a technical breakdown. This is particularly useful in winter when car batteries can fail due to extreme cold.

In addition to accident assistance, IIZI’s customers often go for extra cover to indemnify damage to their own vehicle in the event of a collision with another vehicle. There is also interest in extra cover in the event of a collision with an animal, as well as insurance for the driver and passengers.