Health insurance helps if you are not a member of the health insurance fund

January 1, 20154 min reading

Health insurance is intended first and foremost for those people who are not insured by the state health insurance fund. In addition, health insurance is helpful if you prefer to visit private doctors and take care of things faster. This is voluntary health insurance, which helps you to manage the risks associated with medical treatment expenses.

73% of Estonia’s population believe that the quality of medical care is good, and 42% are satisfied with the availability of medical care. The level of satisfaction is highest for dentists, nurses and family physicians. Estonians are mainly concerned with the availability of specialised medical care. In connection with this, a total of 18% of the people that have recently visited a specialist have experienced a problem. (Source: Annual Survey commissioned by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health Insurance Fund for 2016.) Availability is better, lines are shorter, and receiving help when you have a worry is much more convenient.

The health insurance premium generally depends on the age of the individual, their health, various hobbies, the scope of the health insurance package and the region where it is used. All insurance offers are personalised and depend a great deal on the individual. In addition, the healthcare systems in different regions should also be taken into consideration. There are four options to choose from: Estonia, Europe, the world, or the world plus the USA. For example, there is no national treatment system in the United States, and it is built up in the form of the insurance sector. This means that treatment costs are higher everywhere, including when taking out insurance.

The main reason for concluding health insurance is the long waiting times to consult with medical specialists. In many cases one must wait several months before he or she has the opportunity to consult with his or her desired doctor, which may significantly impact ones quality of life. It is also reasonable to conclude insurance if you wish to seek treatment outside of Estonia. Unfortunately, treatment options depending on the state of one’s health may prove to be limited in some countries.

Owners of smaller companies can choose whether to sign up for voluntary health insurance or pay the social tax. In most cases, voluntary health insurance proves to be more cost-friendly for the company. In addition, the company has the option to provide voluntary health insurance for employees in the form of a motivation package, so that employees would always be able to receive treatment in a timely manner and return to work faster.

It is recommended that you conclude health insurance while you are healthy. Attention should be paid to the various packages, so that the insurance would be concluded in the most suitable manner possible. Offered packages have different levels of coverage, taking into consideration smaller health concerns all the way up to the costs associated with organ transplants.

To receive an insurance offer does not take a lot of time and you don’t even have to leave home. Examine the suitable health insurance offers here or contact Laur Lantsev, Product Manager for IIZI Health Insurance:

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