Thinking of small businesses

Insure your assets, vehicles or the health of your employees.

We consider the needs of a small business and create standardised special solutions according to changes in the economic environment.

Save costs

Insurance costs are low, but the risks to the company are hedged.

Coverage is valid 24/7

Work at home, in the office or from a customer’s place of work. Assets are insured regardless of location.

Damage will not interrupt business

Even small damage comes with a big impact. We resolve the unexpected situation in a quick and efficient manner.

Health support in Estonia and abroad

Fast medical care is always guaranteed for you and your employees.

Maksuefektiive ravikindlustus

Tax-efficient health insurance

In the case of the company’s health insurance, use a tax credit of EUR 400 per year when paying for the contract.

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Hoitud varad

Protected assets

Insure your company’s assets more conveniently than before and with an insurance limit that suits your exact needs.

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We have found the most suitable solutions for a small company to mitigate risks. It only takes a few minutes to enter into the contract.

Convenient self-service

The company can acquire a suitable solution independently from the Internet. Just click and choose!

Quick way to enter into contract

Information and documents related to the insurance will be sent by e-mail. Always available!

Friendly reminder

The company need not remember what is related to the insurance. We take care of that ourselves!

Veetoru purunemine tekitas 3000 € ulatuses kahju

Rupture of a water pipe caused damage in the amount of EUR 3000

The piping above an organic product shop in a shopping centre suddenly ruptured, flooding the shop’s interior, inventory and goods with sewage. The insurance indemnified the costs of restoring of the interior finish and the costs of repurchasing inventory and goods.

Ettevõttest varastati 5000 € väärtuses kaupa

Goods worth EUR 5000 were stolen from the company

Goods worth EUR 5000 were stolen from the building of a company selling household appliances after a break-in occurred. The insurance indemnified the costs of repurchasing the goods and also the costs of purchasing new locks in the amount EUR 500.

Sülearvuti remont ja rent läksid maksma pea 1000 €

Laptop repair and rent cost almost EUR 1000

An entrepreneur, who was on a trip abroad and rushed to the subway, dropped their laptop. The computer was damaged and needed repair. To continue working both abroad and when returning home, the entrepreneur used a rental laptop. Repair and rental costs were reimbursed by insurance.