IIZI 24/7 Damage Assistance becomes increasingly popular among clients

November 23, 20233 min reading
IIZI 24/7 Kahjuabi muutub klientide seas aina populaarsemaks

For years, we have been providing additional coverage for motor insurance with IIZI 24/7 Damage Assistance, and the numbers show that its value among clients has only grown over time.

In the case of a traffic accident, people are often shocked and unsure of how to proceed exactly. When individuals are injured, it is undoubtedly necessary to call emergency services. However, if there are no victims, and only your car, a fellow driver’s vehicle, or a street post is damaged, it may not immediately occur to you what the next steps towards resolving the situation could be. Fortunately, assistance is just a phone call away in the event of any kind of damage.

Sales of IIZI 24/7 Damage Assistance have grown by 19% this year

In addition to motor insurance, clients can acquire useful additional protection with IIZI 24/7 Damage Assistance, which significantly simplifies life in the event of a traffic accident. “The biggest expectation of our clients is to receive prompt assistance and fair claims handling without excessive bureaucracy,” says Triin Kääramees, Product Development Manager for IIZI Vehicle and Machinery Insurance, emphasizing that clients increasingly recognize the value of 24/7 Damage Assistance with each passing year. As of October of this year, interest in 24/7 Damage Assistance coverage has grown by 19%.

In the event of damage, immediate assistance is available 24/7 at the phone number 666 0300. A damage assistance specialist helps find a suitable solution for the situation and quickly arranges the necessary assistance.

This year, the Damage Assistance service has also added auto and towing assistance. “For example, 24/7 roadside assistance is available in the case of an accident, technical failure, flat tire, or road departure, among other incidents. We help arrange the transportation of the vehicle from the accident site to the nearest storage or repair facility,” explains Kääramees, emphasizing that roadside assistance applies not only to accidents but also to technical failures, which tend to occur more frequently in cold weather when vehicle batteries struggle with sub-zero temperatures.

Convenient damage report creation on the IIZI website and legal assistance

IIZI 24/7 Damage Assistance stands by the client even in uncomfortable situations. “We help create a correct damage report and provide legal assistance in resolving disputes and negotiations,” adds Kääramees. In the case of damage decisions related to reducing insurance compensation or refusal, we help the client reach compensation in accordance with the terms.

In the event of damage, it is most important to document the circumstances of the accident (e.g., by taking pictures of the situation and the vehicle), agree on the other party’s liability, exchange contacts, and then leave the scene to submit the necessary damage report to the insurance company calmly at home on the IIZI website.

“If motor insurance is only helpful in the case of a traffic accident, IIZI 24/7 Damage Assistance extends support much further, even if you are unexpectedly stranded with your car,” adds Kääramees, highlighting that damage assistance support extends significantly beyond a traffic accident.

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